Take Me To Your Workspace!

My fellow bloggers, what does your home workspace look like? Is it a small corner in a traffic-laden kitchen? A fully dedicated room in your home decorated and organize to perfection? Or something in between the two? I would love to see some photos of your spaces — the good, the bad and the shameful!

My obsession du jour is home office spaces! I’ve been browsing dreamily at some of the cutest and best-staged home offices I’ve ever seen. They put my little corner of my eat-in kitchen to shame. So many beautiful spaces have been planned, designed and executed. I like to imagine the women who are perched at these desks… beautifully polished, talented and ridiculously creative types who sit down in these spaces and get things done. A quick Google search and I am left breathless at the inspiring spaces. I mean who couldn’t be successful when cocooned in such lovely surroundings?

As for me, I live in a small two-bedroom flat that I share with my 22-year-old son. Space is limited, privacy is confined to our respective smallish bedrooms, and a dedicated space for a home office is a nice-to-have-but-not-going-to-happen. A few years ago, I had to downsize from my lovely 5 bedroom 2800 square foot newish home to this flat that is just barely 900 square feet. How I long for my former creative space however I recently managed to carve a little creative nest for myself. And where did I find this coveted space? My dining room table, naturally.

Let’s face it, living with a 22-year-old college student who comes and goes like a breeze doesn’t lend itself to sitting at a table for dinner. Most evenings I hastily microwave something sinful and plunk myself on the sofa in front of the television. On the evenings my eldest son is actually home, he will join me in the living room or grab a plate and retreat to his bedroom and more interesting things to watch than the latest episode of Property Brothers. Needless to say, the family table remains vacant and neglected and has morphed into a catch all of mail, paperwork, obsolete electronics, and, I’m ashamed to admit, a cat dish in order to keep it out of reach of the thieving dog.

Recently I glanced at the table, remembering that it used to serve a much nobler purpose — a gathering place for our family, a place to share our day’s events and funny little anecdotes. I thought to myself that the poor table doesn’t deserve such neglect. It could be re-purposed into something useful, something to suit my new life and new endeavors. It was begging for an occupant besides an old finicky cat. And so began the task of clearing the accumulation of unnecessary items… the place where useless things went to die. I found a new and practical perch for the cat dish, thoroughly wiped and waxed the maple surface and that is how my new workspace came to be.

A rogue television that was gathering dust on the living room floor found a new home and purpose on my shiny table, to be used as my new monitor. My all-in-one printer/scanner/copier followed close behind. A fun new lampshade donned the overhead light and a spanky new wireless keyboard and mouse finished off the basics. A narrow glass door cabinet was moved from the sun porch back into the dining area beside the table and I immediately filled it with all of my happy treasures — scrapbook supplies, a ton of washi tapes, markers, pens and crayons in every color imaginable, and remnants of art projects long forgotten. I finally had a place to let my creative juices flow! I hooked up my laptop to the new 32-inch “monitor” and I was ready to roll.

So here I sit in my lovely new office space. I will not write a novel here. I will not create a pricelss work of art. I will not make millions with my computer.I may or may not contribute much to the literary, art, or business world, but I will be creative, productive, and most importantly, happy.

Here’s my humble work area. Please share your space with me! Don’t feel the need to tidy up or stage. Just be yourself. I yearn to see you all in your natural habitat and best of all, I don’t judge 🙂