Rabbit Holes and Winter Blues

January in Canada is a frightful time, my friends. Bitterly cold temperatures, limited daylight hours, and every other person I run into is either getting over a cold/flu or in the throes of seasonal affective disorder. Add to these grim circumstances the fact that we’re all broke from our holiday splurges and you have a lot of bored, pissed off, and moderately depressed people. I am most certainly one of them.

Now that the rush of the holiday season is well behind me, decorations have been packed away, and my feeble attempt at home organization is complete (rather I just don’t care anymore), I find myself wandering aimlessly around home in search of something new and interesting to do. Something that requires little to no money, is creative, and feeds my soul just a little.

Over the past few years I have acquired more than my share of arts and crafts supplies in an effort to create and keep myself occupied. I swear I’ve kept our local Micheal’s store in the black with the marathon shopping excursions with my bestie. Last week I hauled out a ridiculous amount of supplies, laid everything out beautifully on my large farm table and began to look up ideas for junk journals. That led me down the dangerous rabbit hole I call Pinterest. Seriously, do you know how many hours one can invest into useless research? By the end of my pinning, I had very little interest in actually creating anything. I glued and tacked a few things onto one meager page to make it appear as if I had accomplished my crafty goal. I packed everything back up and probably won’t see again until the next boredom crisis hits.

So that’s my January thus far. Great intentions but not much follow-through. Story of my life.  At least I sat down long enough to write about it in this shiny new blog I’ve decided to work on. Let’s hope I can at least commit to writing about my interesting little life.


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